Body Balm (ET)

This balm product is a 1:1 ratio THC to CBD product with quality ingredients crafted by Eagle Trees.

$27.00 ea.

Cannakiss Lip Balm- 1oz (SB)

1 ounce of Cannakiss Lipbalm

$10.00 ea.

CannaLotion - 2oz - (SO)

CannaLotion - 2oz - (SO)

$15.00 ea.

Cannastick (SO)

THC-infused lip balm by Skagit Organics.

$6.00 ea.

Day Pack Infusionz - 300mg (DD)

Three 100mg ampules of infused coconut oil.

$25.00 g

Dragon Balm (CS)

One 2 ounce bottle of Dragon Balm.

$20.00 oz.

Indica Spray Tincture (ET)

Spray tincture made to promote relaxing.

$33.00 ea.

Infusionz Hybrid 300mg (DD)

Three 100mg THC ampules of MCT oil.

$40.00 ea.

Infusionz Indica 300mg (DD)

Three 100mg ampules of indica MCT oil.

$40.00 ea.

Infusionz Sativa - 300mg (DD)

Three 100mg ampules of sativa coconut oil.

$24.00 g

Lotionz- 300mg (NWCS)

5- 60mg Lotionz (NWCS)

$48.00 ea.

Muscle Melt Salve (GR)

One bottle of muscle melt salve.

$30.00 ea.

Recovery Lotion (CS)

Recovery Lotion (CS)

$23.00 oz.

Salvation - 300mg (VX)

Lotion with 1:1 CBD to THC.

$45.00 oz.

Soothe Bath Salts 100mg (CS)

One tub of 100mg bath salts.

$23.00 ea.

Soothing Cream 1oz (DD)

One ounce of simple soothing cream infused with THC and CBD by Double Delicious.

$20.00 ea.

velvet swing - 100mg (vs)

velvet swing - 100mg

$0.00 ea.