1988 Pipes (ZM)

Pipes blown by local glassblower Zack Magee in assorted colors including White & Black Stripe, Periw ...

$30.00 ea.

3 inch wood pipe

3" wood pipe

$6.00 ea.

3 Tone Fade Pipe (SK)

Pipe that fades into three beautiful tones.

$50.00 ea.

African Joint Holder (VI)

Carved wooden joint holder adorned with animals.

$30.00 ea.

Alligator Pipe (SPS)

Alligator pipe by SPS Wholesale.

$25.00 ea.

Apple Pipe (SK)

Green apple pipe made by Street Kitty Glass.

$40.00 ea.

Banger 2mm (WYN)

WYN14 2mm sized banger from Wyn Distributors.

$10.00 ea.

Banger 4mm (WYN)

WYN16 4mm sized banger from Wyn Distributors.

$10.00 ea.

Bic Lighter

Lighter in assorted colors made by Bic.

$2.50 ea.

Blue Frit (BW)

Blue frit pipe blown by local glassblower Baker Williams.

$25.00 ea.

Blue Special K Bong (WYN)

Blue soft glass bong by Special K from Wyn Distributors.

$70.00 ea.

Blue Stripe Pipe (BW)

Blue stripe handblown glass pipe by local glassblower Baker Williams.

$30.00 ea.

Bowl 18mm (WYN)

Flower bowl in 18mm size from Wyn Distributors.

$14.00 ea.

Bubbler Attachment (EO)

The Original Bubbler "OG" as we like to call it, is a perfect addition to your Cognito Hot Box, Mini ...

$30.00 ea.

Carb Cap (BM)

Brightly colored glass carb cap by Brock Marvel.

$40.00 ea.

Carb Cap (WYN)

1005 Carb cap in assorted colors and styles.

$10.00 ea.

Chillum (WYN)

WYN3 Glass chillum one hitter pipes from Wyn Distributors.

$6.00 ea.

Cigarette One Hitter L (SPS)

Large cigarette one hitter made from aluminum.

$1.50 ea.

Cigarette One Hitter S (SPS)

Small one hitter disguised as a cigarette, made from aluminum.

$4.00 ea.

CJ Chillum (SK)

Chillum one hitter pipe made by Street Kitty Glass.

$24.00 ea.

CJ Spoon Pipe (SK)

CJ spoon pipe made by Street Kitty Glass.

$40.00 ea.

Clear Orb Carb Cap (WYN)

WYN13 Clear orb carb cap from Wyn Distributors.

$20.00 ea.

Colb Pipe (TR)

Colb Pipe

$30.00 ea.

Crazy Face Pipe (SK)

Pipe crafted into a crazy looking face, made by Street Kitty Glass.

$90.00 ea.

Dab Pendant L (BW)

Large handblown dab pendant by local glassblower Baker Williams.

$20.00 ea.

Dab Pendants (BW) medium

Dab Pendants (BW) medium

$15.00 ea.

Dab Pendants (BW) small

Dab Pendants (BW) small

$10.00 ea.

Dab Rig 1001 (WYN)

Dab rig 1001 by Wyn Distributors.

$50.00 ea.

Dab Rig 1003 (WYN)

Dab rig 1003 from Wyn Distributors.

$70.00 ea.

Dab Tool (WYN)

1004 Standard stainless steel dab tool from Wyn Distributors.

$3.00 ea.

DG Barrell Bong (WYN)

WYN30 DG Barrell Bong from Wyn Distributors

$200.00 ea.

Directional Carb Cap (WYN)

WYN32 Directionally designed carb cap from Wyn Distributors.

$20.00 ea.

Display Bowl Holder (WYN)

Glass holder to display or hold a bowl while it isn't being used.

$10.00 ea.

Dynamo Chrome Top (EO)

Chrome top attachment for the EO Dynamo.

$38.00 ea.

Dynamo Quartz 2pk (EO)

Two quartz replacements for the EO Dynamo atomizer.

$20.00 ea.

Elements Rolling Papers (SPS)

Elements rice papers perfect for rolling joints.

$2.50 ea.

Elephant Wooden Carved Stash Box (VI)

Four inch wooden stash box carved with elephants.

$45.00 ea.

EO mini Button draw battery (EO)

450mah button activated vape pen battery.

$14.00 ea.

EO Stealth Vape Kit

The EO Stealth Kit is designed for simplicity and affordability.

$36.00 ea.

EO Titanium Coil - 4 pk

Dual Fiber Titanium Coil 4 Pack Burners

$21.00 ea.

EO XL Coil - 4 pk

Egreen Oils Dual Fiber XL Coil 4 pack Burners

$21.00 ea.

Galaxy Pipe (BW)

Galaxy Pipe (BW)

$40.00 ea.

Grails (WYN)

WYN17 Grails from Wyn Distributors.

$12.00 ea.

Hempwick (SPS)

Hemp wick used to light bowls without butane lighters.

$2.00 ea.

Hot Box Vape Kit (EO)

Cognito "Hotbox" is your perfect companion when out and about.

$95.00 ea.

Hourglass Recycler Rig (wyn)

Hourglass Recycler Rig (wyn)

$120.00 ea.

Jack Herer Battery (EO)

A tribute to the passion and life long career of the foremost spoken legal advocate of Hemp and Mari ...

$69.99 ea.

Kickstand Bubbler (EO)

Kickstand style bubbler attachment fit for the EO Hotbox vaporizer.

$25.00 ea.

Large Stash Box (OGP)

(002) Large handcrafted wooden stashbox from Old Guy Pipes.

$20.00 ea.

Mai Tai Sherlock (BW)

Mai Tai Sherlock (BW)

$50.00 ea.